Refresh Yourself With This Cool Pomegranate Juice!

Pomegranate juice is proven to provide many nutrients and antioxidants to the human body. Creating your own pomegranate juice ensures that no preservatives are added.


Things You’ll Need

Sugar, if desired

1. Cut the pomegranate in half, and place it in a bowl of room-temperature water.

2. Place your hands underwater, and remove the seeds from the 2 pomegranate halves, keeping them underwater. Remove all the insides of the pomegranate.

3. Scoop out the pomegranate peel and the yellow and white membranes from the bowl. Discard them. The seeds will be the only thing left in the bowl.

4. Pour the entire bowl of water into a strainer, so that the seeds are the only thing that remain. Put the seeds into a blender, and blend until the seeds are mushy. Pour the contents of the blender back into the strainer, and let this drip into a pitcher. Use the back of a spoon to press against the seeds and the strainer, to get the most juice as possible.


5. Add a cup of water to the pitcher and stir. Taste, and add sugar, if desired. Pomegranate juice is naturally tart, so sugar may help the flavor. For an entire pitcher of juice, use 10 pomegranates and 8 cups of water.

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