2. Cow’s Milk

This type of milk is considered to be in the most inflammatory foods because it contains lactose and proteins. Skimming is a process that doesn’t help, but it only makes the milk cause more inflammations.

3. Fried Foods

When you fry your food, the high temperatures form advanced glycation end products. The body can’t recognize them and immediately considers them as inflammation which is the response our body has to some perceived infection.

4. Vegetable Oil

Vegetable oils (soy, sunflower and corn) contain omega-6 fatty acids which aren’t that healthy and can definitely cause inflammation. Make sure you use olive oil, because it contains plenty healthy fatty acids like omega-3.

5. Alcohol

When we intake alcohol, our body works hard to break it down. This causes the creation of various harmful toxins which are very dangerous for our liver cells.

6. The Three ‘Ps’

Michelle Schoffro created this term. It stands for all packaged, processed and prepared foods. They are highly inflammatory, so you must avoid them. You should also definitely avoid cereals, soda, candy, and processed cheese.

Make some changes into your diet! You’ll soon notice various health benefits and a decreased risk of inflammation!

Source: houseandfamilytips

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