Removing Tar From Lungs Naturally

If you want to decrease the bad influence of cigarettes here are some useful advises which will help you to get rid of toxic substances which pile in the respiratory organs.

Removing Tar From Lungs Naturally

Right breathing
At least for 10 min in the day, the best is in the morning, do simple breathing exercises which will clean the complete respiratory system.

Stand still, with a small distance between your legs and inhale and exhale through your nose for several times.

Inhale from your mouth and exhale from your nose trying to exhale as much as possible air from your lungs. Slowly inhale from your nose in order to fill the lungs with as much as possible air and hold it for 5 seconds.

Exhale air from your mouth trying to empty the lungs as much as possible. Repeat this exercise 4 times.

Inhale yourself with eucalyptus, rosemary or thyme every second day. In a pot with boiling water add a few drops of essential oil of some of the above mentioned herbs and inhale this healing steam which not only that helps to throw out the toxins from the respiratory tract but also relaxes, dissolves the mucus and reliefs discomforts from cold, fly, sore throat, sinuses or bronchitis.

Beneficial herbs
Some of the herbs are great detoxifiers for the whole organism but there are herbs which will efficiently solve your problems with the respiratory system.

Stew made from this herb is one of the oldest medicine for healing the lungs and it is made of 1 kg watercress, 2 cups of date palm and 4 cups of water. Put the ingredients in a pot and cook it for an hour (add extra water when the mixture gets thick) and then add spices according to your preferences.

Mullein tea will ease the process of breathing because it unclogs the respiratory channels which are full with tar.

No matter if you use fresh of powder, ginger will help you to detoxify the respiratory system. Tea made from this herb and a few drops of lemon will ease breathing and bath from this herb will open the pores and encourage sweating and with this it will help the body to throw out the toxins.

Pine needles
Leafs from pines are traditionally used for rinsing the mouth and throat and they are good ally in detoxifying the lungs.

Which groceries are useful?

Garlic and onion
They dissolve the mucus and have antiseptically properties. Also they contain substances which are used in prevention of lung carcinoma and inflammation of the lungs.

Chili peppers
Hot food helps in the work of the mucus in the body especially in the respiratory system. In the same way works on the tar and it is great detoxifier of the lungs.

This juicy fruit is a real vitamin mine and it is powerful detoxifier. In its composition it has antioxidant cryptoxanthin which strengthens the resistance of the respiratory organs and it is great prevention for lung cancer.

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