Revolutionary – Microscopic Footage That Shows Cannabis Oil Is Leaving Healthy Cells Alone And Killing Cancer Cells!

Cannabis oil continues to show great promise for the effective treatment of cancer, despite continuing struggles surrounding its legalization in America. Remarkable implications of the limited information that we currently have regarding the powerful effects of cannabinoids on the cancer cells, were acknowledged on the website of the American Cancer Society. It shows that other cannbionids and THC sometimes kills cancer cells and slow their growth.

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There is a growing wealth of anecdotal evidence suggesting that it can be hope for many patients, while no scientific research has been conducted on the cancer – fighting properties of cannabis oil in humans.

Constance Finley – marijuana grower in the East Bay explains and claims to have used potent cannabis oil in the treatment of 26 stage-4 cancer patients referred to her by an eminent oncologist. Resulting in a shocking 96% survival rate, only of these patients died.

The story of Dennis Hill is also another impressive case of treatment to the curing power of this oil. This famous biochemist actually diagnosed with an aggressive case of prostate cancer. In conjunction with traditional medical treatments such as radiation therapy and chemo, many patients choose to use cannabis oil. He cured his cancer with cannabis oil within 6 months.

Before studies will be conducted on human subjects, widespread legalization of marijuana must occur. Cannabis oil someday will become part of standard treatment for many types of cancer, once we are able to gather more data.

The cancer fighting properties of cannabis oil were demonstrated by many animal and lab studies. Using cannabinoids, legal concerns still stand in the way of starting and conducting life saving discoveries and researches on human subject.

Source: Positive Med

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