Ripe Banana With Dark Patches Helps To Combat Cancer

Scientifically proven benefits of eating ripe banana. Check below for more details.



Do you know that Japanese scientists researching fruits and vegetables and their effects on health have discovered that a substance found in ripe bananas, that has been named Tumor Necrosis Factor alpha (TNF-alpha), increases immune capacity; leading to the conclusion that eating ripe bananas has the potential to help prevent lifestyle-related diseases and carcinogenesis.

The amount of TNF-alpha in a banana increases significantly with ripening of the banana – and bananas that have reached the stage of having multiple brown spots are considered up to 8x more effective than those without. The more dark patches, the higher it is thought the beneficial effects.

The beneficial effects were found to be more pronounced in Sweetio (a highland banana cultivar) than in Cavendish (a very common commercially available banana), though cavendish bananas did have a significant effect. There are around 300 wild and 20 edible strains of banana.

Ripe Banana


To increase immune function and protect against disease, it is a great idea to eat 1-2 ripe bananas per day. In general, in is considered that eating whole, fresh, organic vegetables and fruits is better for health than phytochemical-based dietary supplements.

While ripe bananas with yellow skin and brown spots contain more sugar than less-ripe (green-skinned) bananas, it is in the form of natural fructose and therefore much healthier than refined sugar.  The carbohydrates in ripe bananas make them the perfect energy boost after or before a workout



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