Say Goodbye to Belly Fat With 1 TSP Of Cumin Every Day!


The 1st group ate 3gr of cumin powder on a daily basis swirled in 5oz of yogurt (which is the same yogurt amount but minus the cumin to the 2nd group).

After the three-month period, those who consumed cumin lost an average of 50 percent more weight than the other group. The cumin group decreased the body fay by 14.4 percent for about 3 times more than the other group.

They also had other improvements. They decreased the blood fat levels and the triglycerides dropped for twenty-three points. This reveals that cumin group burn more calories just by adding this amazing and healthy spice in their diets.

Cumin can help against diabetes, heart disease, atherosclerosis and problems linked to high-triglycerides levels. The experts claim that the main ingredients that are responsible for this are the glycoside saponins which possess ability to prevent absorption of cholesterol and increase its excretion.

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