Say No To Plastic! It’s Urgent Call By Nature!

We are all using plastic in our everyday lives not realizing what harm it is doing to our environment and  what threat it is causing for our future generations! Have a look at the drastic effects of plastic bags!

Plastic in the sea waves..
Plastic in the waves

Have a look at our Beaches! They are in real bad condition because of plastic bags!

Save Environment

Just look at the sufferings of sea animals because of plastic bags! Let them live a plastic free life!

Save Marine Animals

Plastics are Really BAD ….for all marine species.

Say No To Plastic

Millions of cows die every year in India because they consume plastics! We are all responsible for this!

The Plastic Cow

We must all promote ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY bags. No Plastic. No Polythene Zone

Environment Friendly

India is a country facing ecological threats!

River's FatePlastic Free World

We must all strive to use cloth bags whenever we go out for shopping! This small effort will make a huge difference when it comes to saving our environment!

Let’s Go Green!
Say No To Plastic!
Let’s Share And Be Aware!!!

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