Scarlet Fever is Back and Every Parent Needs to Watch Out For These Warning Signs

For better results mix it with cayenne pepper. This liquid solution is great in treating burn wounds and also preventing and healing infections. With direct application on the skin by using cloth you can deal with the problem.

Raw honey is one of the other natural ingredients that can help you to fight this fever. Mix some raspberry leaves with mint and honey, add hot water and intake 2-3 drops daily.

Use water for inhalation and vaporing in order to soothe the throat, to clear the airways and prevent infections. Add some lavender oil to decrease inflammation.

Use can also use just couple drops of lavender oil because it has been proven fighter of viruses. The Linalool as one of the important ingredients of lavender oil Scarlet Fever can be reduced expressively and also will calm down the rash.

To get the full effect of the oil make a mix form base oil like olive oil or almond oil with lavender oil and apply on the affected area. Remember to advice your child not to scratch the itchy parts because it can worsen the rash.

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