Secret Anti-Ageing Drink – Tibetan Elixir Of Youth

This Tibetan natural remedy was found in a Buddhist monastery in Tibet written on a clay and is considered to be written more than 2 millenniums ago. It is used against high levels of cholesterol, triglycerides and calcium deposits in the blood vessels, also for healthy and long life. It is also called elixir of youth.


Besides that effectively cleans the blood and arteries, the old Tibetan medicine improves the blood picture, prevents from cardiac arrests, strokes and coronary artery diseases. Also prevents forming of carcinoma, improves the sight and revitalizes the body.


Prepare 300 grams of garlic and 1 kg of lemons with rind, finely grind them and put them in 1.5 liters of boiling water. Right after you add the ingredients put the heat down and leave the mixture to simmer for 14-15 minutes (not longer than that). Remove the pot from the heat and leave it until the remedy is cooled down. Keep this remedy in a glass container with cover (jar).

How to consume this natural remedy?
You should take 0.5 dl of this remedy before breakfast every morning during 20 days. After that, be sure to take a break of 10 days and then repeat the process until your health is improved. After that, stop using this remedy.


Important: Strictly adhere to the daily dose of the remedy and take a break of 10 days between the two treatments. After this cycle you shouldn’t take the remedy. Healthy individuals who will decide to take this drug in order to improve the general condition of their body must apply only one or two treatments twice per year for 25 days at interval of 6 months.

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