Secrets to Get Flat Stomach Revealed

Standing Towel Circle

Stand straight and hold your resistance band or if you don’t have that, a small towel will work as well and stretch it over your head. Squeeze your stomach and slowly make a large and wide circle over your head and around your trunk with your hands. Make sure you keep the towel or band stretched all the time. When you have completed one circle of this move, go back to where you started and start doing it the other way. Make sure you do this for 8-10 times on each side.

Oblique Twist with Ball

Sit straight on your ball and start walking with your feet forward while you are sitting on the ball until the ball is holding your back up and you are in the same line as the floor. Put your hand behind your head to help you to make crunches. Use your stomach to lift your shoulder blades off your ball and rotate your left shoulder to the right side of your hip. Go back to the position where you started and do it on the other side. Do this for about 8-10 times on each side.

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