See 5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Chyawanprash

One way to measure the success of any product is to see how long it has been used by people, and Chyawanprash prepared by Maharishi Chyawan has been used for centuries. It has a texture like a jam, and is black in colour. It is made using several Ayurvedic herbs and has more health benefits than one. Here are some of them.

Dabar Chyawanprash


1. Improves your immunity

The main ingredient used in the preparation of Chyawanprash is Amla, which is an extremely rich source of Vitamin C and helps in boosting your immunity. A spoonful of chyawanprash a day will ensure that you do not fall ill, especially during winters.

2. Great for your respiratory system

The various herbs present in chyawanprash helps in smooth functioning of your lungs by maintaining its moisture balance. People with chronic conditions like asthma should definitely include chyawansprash in their diet in order to manage their condition better.

3. Helps improve brain function

One of the main reasons why all children should eat chyawanprash is because it helps improve memory, concentration and alertness. This is because chyawanprash has many ingredients like amla, brahmi, almond oil, ashwagandha, etc. which significantly improve brain function.

4. Great for your heart

In today’s times, it is difficult to avoid foods high in cholesterol. This is responsible for the rising instances of heart disease among young people. Chyawanprash is extremely good for your heart as the many herbs present in it flush the toxins out of your system and promote blood circulation.

Chyawanprash Recipe


5. Prevents signs of ageing

Chyawanprash has many antioxidants which protects your skin from free radical damage and makes sure that signs of ageing like wrinkles and fine lines don’t appear. While nothing can prevent you from losing your youth, eating chyawanprash will at least ensure that the process is prolonged.


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There are several ways to eat chyawanprash. You can spread it on a roti, consume it raw or even have it with hot or cold milk. Everyone from children to old adults can use it to stay healthy and strong.

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