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When do you get the chance to actually relax? And I don’t mean the few minutes you get to watch your favorite soap on the telly! Today, the world has become a stressful place. There is stress at work and there is stress at home. There is no escape. Sometimes, we talk to our friends to unburden ourselves of worries. And sometimes, we seek medical help. The thing is that relaxing is not just a physical need, it is important for your mental health too.


But there are ways with which you can beat stress to relax your body and mind. These effective relaxation techniques in a great way will prevent mental stress and anxiety.

9 Most Simple And Effective Relaxation Techniques:
There are many simple ways by which you can relax. We have listed the top 9 here. Pick one that is suitable to your lifestyle:

1. Meditation:
Meditation is a great way not only to enhance the activity of the brain, but also help you to relax your mind and body. Practicing meditation on a regular basis for a few minutes can give you immense calming effects, which can help you alleviate anxiety, depression and stress. Compared to other relaxation techniques, meditation is easy and more effective. Just sit straight on a mat on the ground and close your eyes. Now focus on your awareness. During the period of meditation, try to concentrate for a few minutes on your breathing and increase the duration daily. You will notice a difference within days!

2. Deep Breathing Exercise:
Every person has his own style of relaxation to reduce stress. In every stressful situation, deep breathing can come to the rescue. Deep breathing is very good to reduce stress and depression in a minimum amount of time. It is an easy, effective, and quick relaxation technique. If you practice deep breathing or muscle relaxation exercise like Pranayama, you’ll definitely find peace of mind in a short span of time.

3. Use The Power Of Touch:
The present day world is filled with depression and stress. A number of researches have found that the power of touch can change one’s life dramatically. It is an open secret that a pat on your back or a peck on your cheek can heal and boost you from inside. The right power of touch can help reduce blood pressure, develop your overall outlook of life and make you a better person.

4. Relaxation Through Visualization:
Visualization is a familiar, simple, and an effective relaxation technique. Visualization can help you attain relaxation and inner peace, bringing about positive changes in your life. Practicing visualization can help reduce depression, anxiety, stress, mental disorder, while helping you gain self-confidence and attain the peace. You can try visualization in a peaceful place to get rid of your present tension. You can choose a sandy sea beach or an open sky. The more you focus on the details of your visualization, the calmer you will feel from inside.


5. Try Self-Hypnosis:
Self-Hypnosis is a popular tension relaxing exercise. If you practice this method correctly, it can help you feel totally reinvigorated and relaxed within half an hour. There are hundreds of methods available, but this simple and quick way helps you to regulate your breath and relax your muscles very easily. You can follow the countdown method, count from ten to zero, while focusing within.

6. Try To Decompress:
This is a great quick relaxation technique, which you can use to feel relaxed in a short span of time. Just place a mild hot muffler around your neck as well as shoulders for at least ten minutes. Now, close both your eyes and try to relax your face, neck, shoulder, chest and also your back muscles. After 10 minutes, just remove the muffler and use a spume roller for massaging. After completing the massage, you will surely feel relaxed.

7. Practice Laughing Exercise:
Laughter is the best medicine when it comes to beating tensions and worries. It is really an amazing technique that can give you instant relief from all your tension and depression. It is natural and healthy for your overall mind and body functioning. Whatsoever the sadness or pain you have in your mind, whatever the stress and tension you have inside, just laugh it away. And don’t forget to smile!

8. Listen To Music:
Music is the language of the divine! Music has the capacity to reduce and change your mood quickly and easily. When you feel tensed or depressed, just put on your headset and play your favorite music. Try to listen to music that has a gentle and calming effect, so that you may feel better. Soon, you’ll be tapping away your worries to the beat of the song you are listening to.


9. Drink A Cup Of Chamomile Tea:
Tea can sooth our mind and body, especially green tea or chamomile tea. When you feel stressed or tensed, just brew a cup of hot chamomile! Now, you can sip away your worries. Green or any good scented herbal tea can surely change your mood and helps you feel relaxed.

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A positive outlook is a must if you want to survive this chaotic life. And these easy relaxation techniques will go a long way in helping you attain inner peace and develop an optimistic outlook. Try them. Please feel free to like and share this post with your friends and family!!!

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