See How A Cucumber Can Change Your Life!

If you think that cucumber is just meant for salads or some beauty remedies, then get ready to be surprised. We have digged out 9 interesting uses of this humble vegetable, which we believe can change your life. Read on to believe for yourself.

Can cure your hangover

Had too much to drink and have to go to work the next day? Worry not, just before you go to bed after your drinking session, have a few slices of cucumber. This vegetable has vitamin B and electrolytes that can control the intensity of hangover and headache. Moreover, cucumber hydrates body and also helps eliminatetoxins (which enter your body because of the alcohol consumption).

Health benefits of cucumbers

Banish bad breath

Bad breath is caused by the odor-causing bacteria in your mouth. In order to kill those bacteria, simply put a slice of cucumber in your mouth and, set yourself free from bad breath.

Manage anxiety

A cucumber a day, keeps anxiety away. Wondering how? Simply because cucumber is rich in vitamin B1, vitamin B5, and vitamin B7, all of which can ease our feelings of anxiety. Besides, its aroma that you get while boiling them can also have a calming effect on you.

Get rid of cellulite woes with cucumber

Cucumber can also banish your cellulite woes in a homemade solution. Mix grounded coffee beans with fresh cucumber juice and add honey to it. Blend these well, apply it on the cellulite affected area and wrap a thin cotton cloth around it. Leave it for 30 minutes and then exfoliate the area gently.

Make your hair strong and beautiful

Cucumber is rich in silicon, sulphur sodium, phosphorus, and calcium. And all these play a vital role in growing your hair and improving the strength. So, drink a glass of cucumber juice every day if you long for stronger and healthier mane.

Getting rid of stains on tools and countertops

Tired of stains of stainless steel items, tools, and countertops? Try cucumber as your new stain remover. Just rub a few slices of cucumber on the stubborn stain and the chemical in the vegetable will take care of it.

Tan-free skin

If summer tan is something that is troubling you, apply cucumber slices on your face and let it dry for 10 minutes. You can also apply cucumber juice using a cotton ball. Cucumber has mild bleaching property, which helps you get a tan-free skin. It also leaves your skin glowing and smooth. Follow this regime for two week, at least, to see significant difference.

Vanish dark circles and puffy eyes

This humble vegetable has ascorbic and caffeic acids that reduce water retention in the skin, and in turn reduce any swelling around the eye area that cause puffiness. To get rid of your dark circles, gently apply a slice of cucumber near the eye area and see the results for yourself.

Aids weight loss

If you are on diet or a healthy weight management program, a cucumber can be your best friend. This vegetable is high on soluble fibre and low in calories. One cup of sliced cucumbers has about 16 calories only. Incorporate a generous portion of cucumber in every meal to derive faster results.

Source: lifehacker

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