See How Dangerous The Plastic Bottle Is!

You can agree with us that drinking water from plastic bottles is more a habit than necessity. Did you know that by drinking water from a plastic bottle frequently, you can harm your health? The trick is in the chemical composition of the plastic. The bottom of each bottle has a triangle with a number in the middle. By checking this number you can see how dangerous the plastic is.

How Dangerous The Plastic Bottle Is!

LDPE – These plastics cannot be used for making plastic bags or bottles, but they not emit chemicals into the water.

PET or PETE – These marks on the bottles tells us that those bottles are for single usage because they emit chemicals that affect hormone balance and heavy metals.

PP – another “good” plastic with white or transparent color, used as packaging for yogurt or syrups cups.

PS – emits carcinogenic substance, and is commonly used for making coffee cups and packaging fast food.

PVC or 3V – Bottles with these two markings releases toxic chemicals that affect the body’s hormones.

HDPE or HDP is plastic that emits at chemicals. Water packed in bottles with these markings is most recommended and clearest.

PC or plastic with no markings is the worst plastic in food production that returns the secreted chemical. These bottles are often used for food storage bowls and sports bottles.

Source: healthylivinghouse

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