See How Lemon Juice And Garlic Work For Head Lice?

Head lice are tiny insects that make their way onto your scalp and feed on your blood. Lice occur and spread when you are in close contact with others, according to the Mayo Clinic. They also spread by sharing personal belongings with many other people. There are medications and over-the-counter products that can help kill the lice, but these items can get very pricey. There are a of concoction that you can create with lemon juice to help kill the lice within a week. Licefunny-pictures

Lemon juice with garlic

Step 1
Crush a garlic clove into a paste and mix it with lemon juice.

Step 2
Rub the concoction into your scalp and massage it before you go to sleep.

Step 3
Wash your hair completely when you wake up in the morning, as you normally would in the shower. This will help get rid of the concoction and any dead lice bodies lying in your hair.

Step 4
Continue this process for four to five days and the lice should be completely gone.

Lemon Juicemed-health

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