See How To Cure The Fungus With The Help Of Garlic!

Can happen to contract the mycosis, which occurs when they are infected by a fungus. The first thing to do to avoid this problem is washing the feet carefully at least once a day and with a good soap that does not irritate the skin. But this may not be enough and if we “take the fungus” we must eliminate them in some way. Now we offer a great natural remedy.

How to cure the fungus with the garlic

Natural Cures for Athlete's Foot

In this food there is ajoene, an antifungal substance that has proven effective to contrast various infections, such as athlete’s foot, and candidiasis. Dr. Lawrence D. Rosen remember that studies have shown that by applying a solution of 1% ajoene twice a week for two months you can cure athlete’s foot in 100% of cases.

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