See What Happens If You Enter 6000 Calories A Day For 7 Days!

Their diet consisted of pizza, hamburgers and many other quick foods, and time are usually spent in bed.

Scientists from the United States wanted to establish that fact, high-calorie diet affects the body, so they took six men who participated in the experiment. Three of them were normal weight, three excessive, but no one had any health problems or was obese.

See What Happens If You Enter 6000 Calories A Day For 7 Days!

Men ate only fast food, consumed 6,000 calories a day, and as if that was not enough, they lay in the hospital where they were observed, making sure that none of them will fall to you that maybe practice. Bad influence of this diet is seen after two days – at each of the six men, have increased levels of insulin, enough to affect the whole body.

For a week, as the study lasted, all participants gained weight 3.5 kg, showed signs of insulin resistance as well as a great stress.

Obesity is a major problem in America, and scientists hope that these investigations affect that it regulates.

Source: wealthyandhealthychoice

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