Seriously! After Reading This You Will Never Throw Away The Rice Water Again! Look!

A healthy body and beautiful skin is possible with only two great and cheap ingredients: rice and water.

If you have never heard of this ancient Chinese medicine, now is the right time to find out which health and cosmetic advantages you have, if you use the water from the rice.


Health benefits:

It increases the concentration of carbohydrates and gives your body energy, as well as successful cures gastroenteritis, acts preventive against cancer, regulates high blood pressure, regulates body temperature.

Beauty benefits:

Washing the face with this water cleans the skin. It is an excellent replacement for tonic, it helps against the creation of pores on the face. Washing hair with this water will give it shine and help your hair stay healthy.

How to prepare the rice water?

Although you may have read that it is the water in which you wash the rice, it is not so. You can use this water also, but it will not contain all the advantages.

This is the right way: Leave the rice to boil but put more water than usual. This is the right way to prepare the water. You can drink it warm or let it cool. The Chinese claim that helps, so it is worth a try.

Source: beextrahealthynow

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