Several Types Of Belly Fat, Which One Is Yours?

Before starting a diet with the aim of removing the extra fat, first you need to find out the reasons for their occurrence, and then try to get rid of them. As you can see in the picture below, there are several types of stomach, and all are caused by different reasons.

There Are Four Types Of Stomach, Which One Is Yours And How To Get Rid Of It!


1. Stomach that looks like a flat tire

This type of stomach often occurs as a result of spending much time in the sitting position, without physical activity. Also, consumption of sweets exacerbates the buildup of plaque.

The best treatment of this type of stomach is avoiding alcohol, and carbonated beverages, and eating healthy foods.

2. Stomach caused by stress

People who are perfectionists tend to have low, rounded tummy. This stomach can occur in people who have problems with digestion and bloating. The only way to solve this type of stomach is to stop skipping meals and give up fast food.

3. Low stomach

Low, soft belly in the lower abdomen usually occurs in people who have no activity after meals. This type of stomach occurs in people who are not physically active.

Active lifestyle, combined with a varied diet including healthy natural juices, will help you to successfully release these types of stomach.

4. Inflated belly

The inflated belly usually is flat in the morning, but during the day it becomes very noticeable. Regardless of the physical structure and weight the reason is bloating and indigestion caused by foods that do not fit your body, allergies or diets poor in vitamins and minerals.

Maybe you have been consuming certain foods without realizing that your body does not like them.

Source: healthyfoodteam

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