She Adopted A Little Boy – 20 Years Later She Received Shocking News (VIDEO)


When she first saw the boy, she instantly knew that she must adopt him 20 years later, her life has turned around completely. Everyone deserves a good parent, but not everyone has this privilege. Thankfully, amazing people like Ingeborg Macintosh exist. She gave this little baby a better life and helped many children have a decent, normal life, but no one appreciated it like Jordan.

After 20 years, Ingeborg received horrible news. She was diagnosed with kidney disease and in order to survive she needed a new kidney. When Jordan heard the news, he immediately took some tests at the doctor and decided to become her kidney donor. He agreed to give a kidney to the woman who raised him.

Jordan made a huge sacrifice and everything went well. They both recovered better than expected. Ingeborg raised Jordan into a grown man and he saved her life, proving that good and caring people still exist in this world.

Source: Weekly Healthy Life

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