She Applied Rejuvenating Cream On Her Skin! All Wrinkles Disappear In Only 60 Seconds (Video)

This hit of youthful appearance is spreading rapidly in the world. The desire for youthful appearance becomes the desire of many people who come in later years. Guided by these “desires” a Singaporean company has placed an anti-aging cream that removes wrinkles in only 1 minute.

This video shows that after 30 seconds of applying the cream, the countdown begins. This cream is only working for about 30 seconds, and in that time it removes all the wrinkles and the bags under the eyes. They magically disappear in only 1 minute. The manufacturer claims this cream is suitable for the area under the eyes, as well as for the whole face. Does this mean that we can say goodbye to the Botox!?


The manufacturer has used Argireline whose work is similar to Botox, it suppress the wrinkles by paralyzing the facial muscles.

Advertisements are well-accepted, and they receive a lot of likes and provoke curiosity in people. However, people say that in the advertisements you cannot see the composition of the cream, which raises doubts. At this the Company reacts and argues that the cream is approved by the aid agencies and the health institutions in the countries where it is sold. Manufacturers claim that the cream does not have negative characteristics.

Also in addition to Botox and Argireline, mioksinol has a great effect on wrinkles. It is located in the okra seeds, which you can find everywhere.

According to dermatologists, its action is to relax the facial muscles, not to paralyze them. Now it is up to you to decide which treatment to apply, if you want a youthful appearance. The most expensive Botox treatment, the Argireline therapy, whose packaging cream of 30 ml is five dollars and 60 cents, or choose the okra seeds as the cheapest and the most natural approach.

Video by: Anti-Aging Skin Care

Source: Your Stylish Life

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