She Lost 50 Pounds In Just 2 Мonths By Doing This Every Night Before Sleep

Have you heard about the flat stomach overnight diet? It is becoming more and more popular among women who do not have time for a strict diet or exercise. It seems that finally we have an efficient weight loss formula, that truly works overnight while you sleep.

This is thanks to the well-known fitness trainer Andrew Raposo. He was using this method for a long time and he did not expect that so many people would use it now.

Lost Pounds

Everything changed when his sister lost the extra weight with using his method. She had weight issues for years. She tried so many diets and exercises, but nothing worked.

Like many women, she thought that diet and physical activity are the only way to lose the extra pounds. And this is true for many people. But once you reach a certain age, it’s harder to get in shape. In the case of Andrew’s sister, this had a negative impact on her health, so she felt constantly tired and suffered from insomnia.

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