She Was 10 Weeks Pregnant, When Doctors Spotted THIS On Her Back. Now She Has Only Weeks To Live…

After 27-year-old Louise Cook went through a bad break up, she decided to visit a tanning salon three times a week in order to feel sexier.

She used sunbeds to get the copper-colored skin she craved. But now those tanning salon visits are going to deprive her three children of a mother for the rest of their lives.Back in September 2015, Cook discovered while pregnant with her third baby that she had malignant skin cancer as a result of using tanning beds.

While Cook was only 10-weeks pregnant with now baby Chloe, she learned the devastating news. Now Chloe is 18-months old.

Less than four months after doctors made the initial cancer diagnosis, they regretfully informed the mother that the cancer had spread into her ovaries and brain. She would die.

With just weeks or months to live, Cook turned to the press to tell other people about the dangers of tanning salons.

“I thought having a tan would help my self-esteem after a breakup. Because of that, I will not be here to watch my beautiful kids grow up,” Cook told The Sun. “I didn’t really believe sun beds could be so dangerous because they were so easily accessible. I fear other young men and women will make the same mistake as me and put their image before their health.”

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