Shocking – She Was Convicted For Death – Liberated – And Lost Almost 400 kg!

Mayra Lizbeth Rosales (born 1980) went from 470 to 90 kg in 5 years time. The dramatic turn over in her life was when she was declared innocent for the death of her nephew Elis – with her the enormously big and grotesque body.

Mayra Rosales originally told police she had accidentally put to death two-year-old Eliseo by rolling on top of him while babysitting four years ago. Her 1,100lb frame became her defence – as investigators proved she was so heavy she could not have committed the crime.

She had an “happy ending” in front of  the court, because her sister confessed that she mistreated her child and now she is sentenced on 15 years prison. Losing weight is a huge process, it’s not over yet, Mayra will have surgery and a gastric bypass will be installed in her body.

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