Shocking Truth! 5 Ways We Hurt Animals Unknowingly!!

We may not do it directly, we may not even realize that it could entail cruelty to animals – but there are so many ways in which animals may be caused pain and trauma. There are many ways that humans are cruel to animals without meaning to be cruel.

Here are 5 Ways We Hurt Animals

1. Animals Bred for Their Pelts or Hair

It’s not just furs; but leather, snake skin, crocodile skin we speak of. Then there is the unconscious cruelty of wearing different types of wool, camel hair, and so on – while the animal may not be slaughtered, it is kept in crowded, unsanitary, cruel conditions.


2. Beasts of Burden

In various parts of the world, animals are still used to transport items and people. Donkeys and mules are beasts of burden, oxen are used for, drawing carts, and running mills and a many other activities.


3. Horse Riding

You could well argue that horses are kept in humane conditions, but the argument begs to be made. Why should a civilized living being exercise his or her might and domination over another?

Horse Ridingrdzalahorseridingclub

4. Modern Medicine

Modern medicine tests expensively on animals. For many of us it may be a case of the necessary evil: using medicines tested on animals simply for the sake of health and survival.

Modern Medicinehealingourchildren

5. Animals in Zoos

Again this is animals in captivity though not necessarily treated cruelly. They may be unnatural habitats, in unfamiliar climates. transplanted into a rather abnormal setting.

Animals in Zoosinhabitots

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Please Stop Hurting Animals ! Stop Cruelty Towards Animals!! If your are true animal lover please share this post with your friends and family .

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