Simple And Natural Tips To Get Silky Hair!

Every woman’s dream is to get long and silky hair. For some women it comes as a part of the family genes. Regardless of whether it’s a trend or not, I know so many girls striving for soft and silky hair. How to get silky shiny hair is a question that we have always had. But many a times it is easy to achieve such hair, but maintaining it is not an easy task. I have always had frizzy, damaged hair, and now that I straighten my hair practically every day, I take extra care.


1. Eating Healthy Diet
As I said in my previous article eating nutritious food will help to improve hair growth a lot. Sprouts , green vegetables, milk and nuts are the most important food to add in our diet. This diet helps stop hair fall and stimulates the growth of hair. This diet improves hair texture and it’s appearance. A healthy diet will work from inside and purify the blood which can help to prevent dry hair and dandruff etc. So, start a healthy diet today itself to get silky long hair. Drinking 2 to 3 liters of water is important for hair too. This is one of the most important silky shiny hair tips.

2. Oil Massage
Oil Massage is a great treatment for sift and silky long hair. And so our ancestors made it compulsory for us once every week. For women it is a very important treatment to maintain good skin and hair health. Massaging our favorite oil from head to toe will rejuvenate our total system. Oil massage on head will stimulate natural oils from scalp and increase the smooth and shining texture of our hair. It increases the blood circulation on our scalp which helps in hair growth resulting in thicker hair.

3. Combing Hair
Combing our hair is an ordinary daily work, but treating it like an art will eventually increase hair growth. Giving a mild pressure on the comb while combing our hair will increase blood circulation. This will increase hair growth in turn. Don’t do this when your hair is wet or when you are facing a hair fall problem. Doing this twice daily helps a lot in getting silky long hair. Also it helps to spread the natural oil from the scalp to hair tip which prevents dry hair tips and you can enjoy silky model like hair.

Combing Hairbeautyramp

4. Cold Water Treatment
Hot water can strip the moisture off of your hair, a useful technique is to rinse the hair with cold water after it is fully washed and conditioned. This helps retain some of the moisture and gives you soft and silky hair.

5. Yogurt
This is one of the best protein substitutes for hair ever.

Beat the yogurt smooth and then coat it on your hair. Tie towel around it for 15 minutes. You can wash it off after that. This will most definitely leave you with lovely silky long hair.


6. Banana:
Banana has certain nutrients and proteins that make hair strong and shiny. Mix banana and half avocado, add honey and olive oil and apply it on your hair for about half an hour. Wash it with mild shampoo and notice the result.

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