Simple Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Fever

How to get rid of fever is one of the most searched questions nowadays. When the temperature of the body gets elevated, that situation is known as fever. A temperature that is between 97-99 Fahrenheit is considered as normal body temperature. Fever occurs when the body temperature rises above 100 Fahrenheit. Fever is necessary in the fight against the external infections.


Some tips on how to get rid of fever:

Undressing yourself: Removing the excess clothes helps in getting rid of fever. Person should wear loose clothes and can take a thin sheet of blanket if he/she gets the chills.

Rest Rest Rest: Getting excessive rest is one of the most basic tip on how to get rid of fever. Person suffering from fever is advised to have a sound sleep.


Increase the intake of water: Dehydration during the fever is a common problem. Several doctors recommend that the patient should drink a lot of water. This would help body to lower its temperature.

Comforting the surroundings: Patients are advised that they should adjust their room temperature and surroundings according to their fever. Using Air conditioners and fans are recommended, so that the victim should feel comfortable.

Warm bath: Warm bath is highly recommended to the person having fever. With this bath, patient would feel a bit relaxed. Additionally the dirt will get removed from the body.


Staying Indoor: If one is caught up by fever, it is recommended he/she should remain indoors, so that the condition of the patient doesn’t get worse. As the unfavorable weather outside will deteriorate the health of the person. This can be dangerous for the sufferer.

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So next time you catch fever don’t forget these useful tips. Also share this post with your family and friends!

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