Simple Tips For Travelling Shakahari’s To Maintain Their Diet

Travel Tips for strict vegetarian people


Look up natural food stores and grocery stores in the area you will be traveling to that carry the foods you will need. Do this before you leave so you have a smooth transition when you arrive to your destination. Do the same for vegetarian restaurants if you plan to eat out or will need to do so occasionally for business and entertainment

For longer stays a kitchen or even a hot plate with pots and pans will enable you to prepare homemade meals. Search for studios, kitchenette suites or VRBO rental options.

Pack a meal or two and snacks for the plane or car ride. Don’t rely on the food served on airplanes, as most of the time they are not plant-based or healthy options.

For the rest of the trip, pack protein powders and other essentials that may be hard to find once you arrive to your destination. Plant-based protein might be the hardest item to find, so having portable protein can be key to supplement the carbohydrate and fat that is readily available.


If you’re stuck in an airport and needing to eat airport concession food, usually the best plant-based options are Mexican, Asian, Mediterranean or Middle Eastern.  You can usually find plant-based protein even in rural areas and restaurants. Many times kidney or garbanzo beans are served in salad bars. Ask your server if they have any beans or legumes on hand, even if they are not listed on the menu or in a dish.

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So next time you travel don’t forget these useful tips. Also share this post with your family and friends!

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