Simple Tips on Turning the Office into a Gym

office_gymGot no time to hit the gym because it seems like you’re within the confines of the workplace all the time? This does not give you a reason to ditch exercising regularly for fitness and health. You can still get your daily dose of exercise even while you’re in the office — by being creative and resourceful so that you may zap those calories and tone those muscles!

Continue reading to come across some nifty tips and tricks on how you can turn the office into your makeshift gym. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to attain a stellar body even if much of your time is hogged by your work.

Take the Stairs

Skipping the elevator and heading to the stairs allow you to exercise your legs, butt muscles and even abdominals. To add more intensity to your workout, take a couple of steps at a time most especially when going up, which is extra challenging than going down.

Jog in Place

Just because you are in a cramped cubicle doesn’t mean you cannot have your daily cardio. All you have to do is take a break, stand up and jog in place. For a more intense exercise, make sure that that you really pick up those knees. Careful not to bang them against the edge of the table!

Do the Squats

Everyone knows that doing some squats is a wonderful way to make the buttocks look fabulous. Luckily, it’s something that you may easily carry out even while at the workplace. Make your heart pump harder by jumping in the air on your way to going back to the starting position.

Stroll Around

One of the simplest exercises is walking, a low-impact cardio workout that suits every fitness level, especially beginners. Dash around to keep the blood circulating. Aside from allowing you to burn a handful of unwanted calories, walking is also a wonderful stress-buster.

Stand Up

There are plenty of office tasks that may be carried out without your butt flat on the seat. Get your dose of exercise by standing up whenever possible — talking on the phone, reading a report, sorting out mails, munching on a sandwich, having your coffee, chatting with an officemate, etc.

Perform Leg Lifts

Believe it or not, you may work out your abs even while you’re seated. All you need to do is stretch your legs in front of you and slightly bend your knees. Grab the armrests or the sides of your chair and start lifting your legs off the floor. Do a couple of sets consisting of 12 reps.

Do Thigh Presses

At the gym, you need a machine to perform thigh presses. Not while you’re in the office! You simply have to grab a ream of paper or a heavy book. While seated, place it between your knees and keep the object from falling to the floor. Keep on squeezing while checking out e-mails or printing tons of documents.

Curl Those Biceps

Look around and grab something weighty — a water bottle, large stapler, dictionary, etc. Grab it with your hand. Bend your elbow and take the object close to your chest, with your palm facing upward. Do a couple of sets consisting of 12 to 15 repetitions. Do the same on the other arm.

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