Skin Tones & The Right Kind Of Makeup That Would Suit Each Type

Also called fair or pale, this skin type is one of the least problematic ones. Few breakouts and slight tendency to get burnt in the sun best characterizes this skin type. People with porcelain skin normally have a cool undertone.

Foundations that are blue based work best with this type of skin. The blue tones bring down the pinkness and bring out the warmth that this skin type requires.

When it come to lipsticks, all types of pink and red shades, barring the ones that are orange based, work well. Pastel eyeshadows and blushes are the best picks, and anything that is white or blue based.

This skin type has tad more colour than the pale type. It tends to get freckles easily and has equal chances of having cool or warm undertones.

People with this skin overtone need to find out whether they are a warm undertone or a cool one. Blue-green veins on the wrist mean warm undertone and blue-indigo veins mean cool undertone.

Ivory and light beige shades work best in foundations for this skin type. A warm undertone will require a yellow and peach-based foundations and a cool undertone will require blue or pink-based foundations.

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