Sniffing Rosemary Improves Memory – Here Is How –

With so much worries and stress each day, it is no wonder small tasks slip our mind all the time. One study discovered that the rosemary scent can improve memory.

The Northumbria University’s researchers found that the retention of the short-term memory, was increased by 15 percent in elderly people tested in a room infused with rosemary. Other samples in a lavender-infused room and odorless room underperformed in the same memory test as the one with rosemary.

The head of the psychology department of Nitrhumbria University, Dr. Moss stated that when a person inhales rosemary, the compounds of the rosemary are absorbed in the blood through the lungs and sent to the brain. Researchers claim that the increase is enough for remembering small tasks like to take the medications. 

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