Solve Your Problem With Stiff Neck In 60 Seconds!

This problem usually occurs after improper sleep position during the night. This problem could be very unpleasant and you can solve it without medical care. In this article you can learn how to solve the problem of stiff neck in just 60 seconds…

Solve Your Problem With Stiff Neck In 60 Seconds!

Step One

Find the painful spot on your neck using your fingers. Use the right hand if the pain is on the right side, or the left hand if the pain is on the left side of your neck.

Step Two

Press the painful spot with your finger or fingers (it depends how big is the painful area). The pain should be significant, but bearable.

If you cannot reach the painful spot as you should, you can use a tennis ball or some similar item.

Step Three

Turn your head slowly in the opposite direction from the stiffed side, then lean it and rotate it diagonally just like you want to touch your armpit with your chin. Hold this position for 10 seconds and then you can relax.

In this way you are stretching the stiffed muscle while the pressure relaxes it gradually. Repeat this procedure 10 times in a row.

This method will reduce the unpleasant pain in your neck, but in case it appears often you should visit a specialist in order to diagnose the real cause and receive therapy that will remove the cause permanently.

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