For example, in the case of celiac disease, when consuming gluten, the body reacts and activates a response from your body and as a result your small intestine is impaired and it is often people suffer similar swelling among other celiac problems they suffer.


Well, if you want to get rid of this uncomfortable feeling, you should remove gluten from your diet for 1 week, this way you will better evaluate if it is the cause of your swelling.

If after that you no longer feel this discomfort and even the sensation of ” bloating ” during this gluten withdrawal period, then you will have discovered the problem.

Many people experience allergic reactions to gluten, and especially people with excess weight.

On the other hand, if your problem with the  stomach stewed  still continue, then your problem should be another and you should go to a doctor.

You’ll probably have to do some tests like this with other foods or even clinical trials to find out what food did you ” fall ” well.

Source: thehealthylifestyle365

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