Stop Absorbing The Negative Energy From Other People Just By Doing This

Very often, you can find yourself being in a room with a person who radiates negative energy. His/her feelings are so strong and heavy that you can actually feel how their pain and suffering are making a way into your own mind. Not only you sympathize with them, you go beyond that. You empathize, and you recognize other people’s emotions as if they’re your own.
Stop Absorbing The Negative Energy

Given the situation, a crucial thing to do is to learn how to defend yourself from this toxic negative energy that affects your mental, spiritual and physical state of being.

Here is how you can protect yourself from others’ negative energy:

1. Stop pleasing people all the time

Respect yourself more and be kind to yourself. When someone expresses something discouraging about you, such as complaint, discontent or anything that can make you feel down, try to distance yourself as much as possible. Do not take anything personally, and more importantly, do not get fixated on trying to please other people. This would only pull you downwards, in a depressive place, full of negativity, and you will end up being emotionally dependent on their opinion about you.
The reality is that not being well-liked by everyone is totally fine and normal. You are your own person, with strong and weak, light and dark sides. If you love yourself first, everybody else’s opinion would stop draining you emotionally.

2. No emotional parasites allowed

This kind of personality sucks your own well-being out. These people depend on your affection and attention and make you do unimaginable efforts that will drain you. It might seem possible to help them at first, but at the end, you will find yourself emotionally and energetically exhausted without solution to their problems. If they live the role of victim, they will never be satisfied with what you’re trying to do for their well-being.

Reality is, they want to feel like victims, they feed on your attention and love, and most importantly, they do not want their problems to be solved at all. Always bear in mind that you are not responsible to deal with other people’s problems! You have to make a healthy decision and walk away the moment you feel this is bringing you down! It will not make you a bad person if you don’t have the time or the energy to solve other people’s problems.

3. Say “No”

Do not let your generosity be taken advantage of. Everyone has their tolerance limit and you must set your own firmly! Do not accept “parasites” who give nothing in return, pessimists, or emotionally unstable people who can ruin your comfort zone. Guests who invite themselves over your place whenever they feel like it, or use you in any other way, and intrude your personal zone do not come into question.

Saying “no” is nothing to be afraid of, and it is certainly not wrong to say it as much as you need it. Make smart decisions that will improve the quality of your life. Make sure of what kind of people you want to choose to be part of your life. Explain your standards clearly, of what you expect from others before you allow them to access in your life.

4. Bond with nature

Every now and then, you need to enjoy the nature. Take a break from the chaos in the city, the negative energy that is piling up. Find some peace away from it, and let the nature calm your mind. Deeply breathe in the fresh air, notice the natural beauty of the world and meditate.
Your spirit will uplift, you will feel better and immune to negativity around you.

5. You are the only one responsible

You are the only one who decides what affects your life. If you’re unhappy, you are the only one who can correct that. How you feel about yourself and your own opinion about yourself are the only things that truly have the power to overcome negative influence from other people’s opinions.

Love yourself enough to refuse other people making choices for you and occupying your life with toxic energy. Be confident enough to say “no” when you feel like others’ decisions create imbalance and difficulty in your emotional and physical state. Remember to make choices that bring positivity in you and your life experience. It is your life. Make the best of it!

Source: Choose Healthy Life

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