Stop Asthma By Using Just A Little Of This Juice

Anti-asthma drink

Stop Asthma By Using Just A Little Of This Juice


  • water
  • lemons
  • ginger (optional)


Slice your lemons and add them into a large pitcher filled with water. Add some ginger to relieve any inflammatory issues.

Optional ingredients:

  • pineapple
  • cucumber
  • cayenne
  • turmeric

You may not find turmeric and cayenne as tasty ingredients to add to your lemon water, but the health benefits they provide may be more than enough to convince you to change your mind. You can also add a tiny bit of natural maple syrup to enhance the flavor and to boost your energy.

It is simple as that. Implement this healthy habit into your daily routine and prevent asthma attacks before they cut off your breathing and affect your health.

Add lemons into your water every morning from now on. You will feel superb and you will breathe easier and feel much better.

Source: REALfarmacy

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