Stop eating food after 5 pm to lose weight

Scientists have found it is possible to turn back the clock and live longer using extreme dieting in middle age.In monkeys, stopping them from eating between 5pm and 8am extended their lives by 10 per cent, compared to eating normally.

Researchers say the findings that dieting can fight ageing will also apply to humans, who share 93 per cent of the same genes.

Restricting the food we put into our bodies appears to make them more able to fight off the illnesses which accompany old age.Lead author Professor Rozalyn Anderson, from the University of Wisconsin, said: ‘Cutting your calories delays ageing, probably because the body uses energy from food differently to become more resilient.

‘By targeting aging itself we could, instead of fighting cancer or cardiovascular disease individually, target the full spectrum of disease simultaneously.’The latest study is hoped to settle a debate which has been raging for the last seven years on cutting calories.The University of Wisconsin found in 2009 that rhesus monkeys given 20 per cent less food, compared to those who ate at will, lived far longer – lasting nine years beyond the average lifespan of 26 years.

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