Stop Heart Attack In A Minute! Look!

Are you familiar with the fact that chili pepper can stop heart attack in 60 seconds? So you better make sure you always have it on hand or at least in your kitchen cabinet, because you never know when you might need this valuable component.


The remedy below is considered to be the best remedy for emergency cases of heart attacks. Just remember to use cayenne pepper and not hot pepper.


Chili pepper powder
A couple of fresh cayenne peppers
50 % vodka.
Glass bottle (1 litre).


1. Put your gloves on because chili pepper are pretty hot.
2. Fill a quarter of the glass bottle with cayenne pepper powder and put enough alcohol to cover the powder. If possible, do this on the first day of a New Moon.
3. Blend a few fresh cayenne peppers, and add enough alcohol so it gets a sauce-like texture.
4. Add the mixture to the container which should now be 3/4 full.
5. Fill the bottle to the top with vodka and close it well. Shake it several times during the day.
6. Leave the tincture till the next New Moon (after 28– 29 days), and also strain it using a gauze. Keep it in a dark bottle.
7. If you want to have a very strong tincture, strain it after 3 months.
8. Close the bottle and leave it in a completely dry and dark place. It does not expire, so you can utilize it as long as you want.

How to Stop a Heart Attack in 1 Minute

Dosage: 5 – 10 drops of the tincture to a patient who has actually experienced a heart attack or a stroke. Add another 5-10 drops in 5 minutes. Repeat the therapy up until the person’s problem enhances.

If the individual is unconscious, put 1-3 drops under the tongue, and start a CPR. Repeat the treatment every 5 minutes until the individual’s condition enhances.

Source: healthyfoodteam

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