Stop Muscle Pain In 90 Seconds!

Muscle pain usually occurs while working, exercising in a gym, or riding a bike. If you suffer from muscle pain, wrist pain, pain in the neck and head or some other common pain and you constantly wonder how to get rid of it, this article is perfect for you.

Stop Muscle Pain In 90 Seconds!

You may haven’t find the solution yet, but this article offers you a simple method which takes you only 90 seconds and it effective stops this kind of pain. It may sound impossible, but this simple method can stop your pain in no time.

Luckily, there is the new Dr. Dale Anderson`s inventive “Fold and Hold” method. It doesn’t require any medications, medical checkups, special instruments, or dietary supplements, but only four basic steps instead. So, keep reading and learn more about each of these steps:

First, you need to find the tender spot.

Then, put your body in a position that causes less pain for you. In other words, bend on part of the body over another part, in order to reduce tension on the bellow lying muscles.

Stay in this position for 90 seconds. Then, slowly and gently go back to the starting position.

Stretch the muscles in the opposite direction in order to relax them.

The “Fold and Hold” method can be also used for bunions. All you need to do is to twist the big toe under the foot and push it to the center of the foot. In case you are unable to do it by yourself, ask other person for assistance.

In addition, this method can be used for treating heel spurs as well. Just lie on your stomach and ask someone to push the heel and toe together while lying. However, you can do it without any help too, by just pushing the top of your feet against the seat of the chair.

Note: In case of doing the method for three times and don’t finding it effective or you still experience muscles torment or even worse, stop right away and consult a specialist.

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