Wear rubber gloves while doing the dishes

Nails come in contact with water many times throughout the day. When they get wet they swell a bit and when they dry out they shrink a bit. This weakens them and causes them to start cracking. Gloves will protect them not just from the water but from the chemicals in liquid detergents as well.

Apply regenerative oils regularly.

Regenerative oils will protect your nails from the water but will also help your nails grow faster and stronger. There are specially designed oils for nails but you can also use regular castor or argan oil.

Avoid biting them

Biting your nails is a very bad habit and should be eliminated at all costs. It weakens your nails and makes them brittle. Wear a nail file with you all the time and whenever you feel the need to bite your nails file them instead. You nails will be smoother and the biting urge will disappear.

Apply nail polish

If you’re not a fan of colored nails then use a transparent nail polish. It gives your nails an additional protective layer. Don’t use acetone based nail polish removers.

Consume plenty of vitamins and minerals

Magnesium and vitamin A are essential for strong nails which is why you need to consume the required daily amount. It’s best to consume it through food but if you have some vitamin deficiency then you need to take supplements until your values are back to normal.

Source: mrhealthylife

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