Super Foods That Help You Lose Weight Fast!

You must be thinking about the easiest ways to lose weight without giving much pain to your body by doing heavy workouts and spending hours in the gym. Here are certain easy and quick ways to reduce weight and stress from your life

Never Miss Your Breakfast

You can start your day with a healthy breakfast of Oats which are enriched with protein and hence controls your sugar level. You can also have a low calorie breakfast with skimmed milk and yogurt. It makes you energetic and alive all the day.

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Eat Fresh Fruits

Fruits are rich in nutrients and provide you energy for longer time and they are the best low calorie foods. Fruits such as watermelon, cantaloupe, musk melon and honey dew melon have plenty of water in them. They provide excellent hydration for digestion and low amount of carbohydrates for instant energy to the body. They also help in making your skin radiant.

Drinking Lots Of Water

Water is the best substituent to control your hunger. You should drink lots of water before your meals as it helps in digestion of food and makes your skin look younger n fairer. It also helps in fighting against various diseases and providing you healthy and a happy life.

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Eat Every Two Hours

You must divide your food into 5 small meals instead of eating twice or thrice a day to avoid formation of fats in your body. It also helps in reducing the major problem of acidity faced by everyone by consuming proper small meals.


Cocoa is the best antioxidant as well as protects your nerves from injury. It also provides a shield to the skin against the damage caused by UV radiations. So go and grab your chocolates full of cocoa.


Try and include veggies in your diet as cucumber, carrot, lettuce,Broccoli, beet root , red cabbage, onion, tomatoes which help to shed extra pounds of your body as they are rich in fiber and balances the metabolism of the body.


Dairy Products

Dairy products such as milk, yogurt, cheese provide you calcium as well as protein which controls your body hunger and helps to lose fats. It helps in bone building and provides strength to your body.

Lime Juice

The first thing you can have in the morning is Lime juice with honey in Luke warm water which helps you to get a flat tummy that every person is craving for.

Lime Juiceeasycookery & ahealthyclick

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