Surprising Foods That Bring Your Body Temperature Down

We all have those summer rituals — both productive and sometimes bizarre — to keep cool. Some take three showers per day or incorporate frozen drinks into our happy hour, while others invest in bulk talcum powder (I’m looking at you, men).

Still, we find ourselves lying in bed at night wondering how to cool our bodies down.

Surprise, surprise! Eating certain foods during hot weather will help cool you down while filling you up. Summer eating is a strategy, so let’s explore it.

Summer Vegetablesbonnieplants

Light vegetables are easy to digest and therefore make your body work less, so salads are perfect for keeping cool.

Those craving spicy foods needn’t worry — hot peppers and other sweat-inducing goodies are staples in countries that sit along the equator. Spicy foods will make you sweat more, but that perspiration will cool the body down.

Fruits like grapefruit and watermelon will hydrate you to cool you down. Milk and yogurt also provide protein while hydrating the body.


Cold food, too, will help keep body temperature down. Frozen concoctions like shaved ice and ice cream — as well as soups traditionally served cold, like gazpacho — work well and can be homemade and therefore healthier.

Choosing a diet to stay cool in the summertime is more than the foods that you do eat — it’s also about the foods that you don’t eat. Eating smaller portions more frequently, keeping those dishes light and drinking non caffeinated beverages will cool you down.

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