Tackling stress made easy with these daily life hacks

Did you know? Even machines like laptops get stressed. That’s when they start acting crazy and slow and eventually we have to restart them. That one click on the restart button is a stress buster for your laptops, Dr Gowri said.
If laptops deserve a break, so do you!

First and foremost, make a ‘things to do’ list. List each and every task on the list and then number them depending on your priority. This step won’t downsize your stress but you will know exactly how many chunks of stress you’re dealing with.

Here are some points the doctor puts forward to shut down you stress button:

Music: According to Dr. Stefan Koelsch, Neuroscientist, “Listening to music releases a neurochemical called Dopamine which gives us feeling of joy and happiness.” It relaxes the brain and the body. Listen to a couple of songs after a good work session and enjoy the music. Just focus on the music and let your body and mind loose.

Humour: Laughter therapy is one of the most effective ways in treating conditions like depression, anxiety, and stress. This is because laughter releases the body’s natural feel-good chemical ‘endorphins’ which are known to relieve stress. After a good session of work, de-stress by watching your favorite comedy show or a stand-up set by your favorite comedian.

Breathe: When you breathe, you are sending a message to your body to relax and calm down. Research has suggested that deep breathing is one the best ways to lower stress levels in your body and brain.

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