Taking Bath Just After Meal Bad? Read!

Several things happen when you take shower after you eat food. But what is important is to know whether these are good or bad for your health. In plain and simple words, it’s not good for your health as it effects a lot of things.

Although, most would think that it is a myth, there are scientific reasons backing it up.

Taking Bath Just After Meal Bad

Why is taking bath just after meal bad?

Taking a bath after eating food is a culture that has been practiced for many years generation. Therefore, it might be hard for many to believe that it is unhealthy in many ways.

Precisely speaking it effects the digestive process. But you might be thinking how it effects the digestive system. Here is why? Bathing after having a meal or food will divert the blood flow from intestine to the nerves. Generally this happens when the water is too hot or too cold.

When you take a shower, the action leads to the release of chemical substances and with this chemical substance nerves get expended and transport more of blood to the nerves and also to the micro nerves in this case the reaction is more than the action. The blood rushes to the nerves to stabilize the body temperature and the digestive process gets ignored at the time.

Therefore, wait for at least hour or half an hour after you eat, if you want to take a shower. Moreover, if you take a warm shower or do the exercise and you directly do swimming or take a bath this is harmful to your internal process because the blood needs to divert to the skin success for the purpose of cooling and this again disturb your digestive process and some time you can also have a stomach ache so you can go also faint.

Source: thediscoverworld

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