Tangy Mango(Aam) Dish Ideas

Mango lassi

Start your day with a refreshing, cooling and healthy lassi. It is sweet and flavoured so you will just love it!

Image Source – http://easycookery.info/mango-lassi/

Aam panna

This is one of the most popular summer drink. It is tangy and spicy. Aam panna is prepared with tangy raw mangoes and spices like black salt, cumin seeds powder and red chilli powder.

Image Source – http://www.itslife.in/vegetarian-recipes/drinks-vegetarian-recipes/aam-ka-panna

Mango pickle

We all love to have mango pickle. It is enjoyed with rice, dal, roti. Even the oil or mango pickle is used in chaat recipes.

Mango cake

Seasonal desserts are always tempting. Mango pudding, mango cake or pastry are soft and delicious.

Image Source – http://munchministry.com/tag/mango-mousse-cake/

Mango kheer

Kheer is one of the most staple Indian dessert. Try a new variety with using this seasonal fruit.

Image Source – http://kathaharik.blogspot.in/2011/04/kukku-rasayana-tulu-condensed-mango.html

Mango rasgulla

Rasgulla is a popular Bengali sweet dish. You can try this mango Indian sweet dish recipe to enjoy the summer season!

Image Source – http://www.boldsky.com/cookery/sweet-tooth/indian-sweets/mango-rasgulla-recipe-031300.html

Aam Papad

Aam papad is a delicious way of preserving ripe mangoes. The mangoes are made into a leathery kind of snack with the help of jaggery. It is a perfect homemade snack for the kids.

Image Source – http://healthyfoodindianrecipes.wordpress.com/page/6/ 

Source – http://www.boldsky.com/cookery/vegetarian/maincourse/side-dishes/mango-recipes-032878.html 

Do try these exciting mango dish ideas this summer!

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