The 45.000 Pounds Per Year’s Job But No One Wants To Do! Know Why!

Chicken Sexers knows that, they are special workers paid to establish the chicks’ sex in about 3 – 5 seconds. In England there’s a job that no one wants to do and it’s a very remunerative job: 45.000 pounds per year. Everyone can do it, but no one wants to even if the salary is really good.

There are a lot of English firms that looks for this professional and they are ready to spend a lot to find it and to train the worker, but the appliants are few and after knowing the characteristic of the job they give up and refuse the opportunity, expecially for long periods. Nowadays everyone should be ready to do every kind of job, mostly if the wage is over the standard. In this case money can’t buy the soul. Strange, isn’t it?

We all know how to find eggs in a supermarket, but most of us don’t know how chicken is choosen to produce them and which is the destiny of male in this industry. The Chicken Sexer job consists in spending the working hours inside a breeding of hens separating little male and female chicks determining their sex looking carefully, precisely and quickly, of course, their genitals. Not such a fun for a full time job in a close building, expecially if we imagine to do it for years, but the same it happens in any factory assembly line, but you are separting are not things, they are living being.

The chicken sexer establishes the gender of the animal and it separetes them immediately deciding which will be their destiny. Small female animals will become chickens so they will growp up to produce eggs for the market, males instead will go through a bad and cruel end: their immediate death in to a specific machinery who mince them alive. The small male chicks are atrocioulsy killed in few seconds and probably this is the mean reason why this well paid job is rejected even in those years of economic repression from most of the appliants.

Learning the correct technique to do this job recks on a long and difficult training: for almost three years an old timer employer will metor the worker in order to teach the quickliest way to establish the animal’s sex watching to their genitals that are particularly small ando sometimes not so visible. The most important skill a chicken sexer has to own is the the ability of respecting the strict timing of the process for many hours per day.

It’s not too hard to understand why the chicken sexer position is so requested in Great Britain and at the same time it is clear that a so inhuman job is undesidered for most of the people. Money per year are a lot, but how can anyone with a minimum of sensibility do this cruel job and go home in the evening to sleep peacefully?

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