The Best Way To Utilise Mint Leaves For Treating Acne Scars!

Believe it or not, it’s possible to get rid of severe acne with just one simple ingredient in one week. The simple ingredient is  mint leaves. This works for anybody with any type of acne.


Mint is a great way to cure acne. This article is designed for people who would like to use mints to cure their acne.

Method 1 of 3: Getting Ready
1 Before You Do Anything. Make sure you have all the ingredients to make sure acne go away in a week. Be sure to read all parts of this article or your acne won’t go away. The things you’ll need are listed below, so be sure to read that part first and make sure that you have all the ingredients. Apply the blended mint mix on your face twice a day for 1 week. Here goes nothing.

Method 2 of 3: Making The Mint Mix
1 Mint Leaves: Find some fresh mint leaves. You could also grow them in your back yard or find some at your local super market. Some good super markets are Stop and Shop, H-mart, Winn-Dixie or Path Mark. You’ll need about 50 mint leaves.

2 Find a mortar and pestle, or a blender:  Wash it with anti-bacterial soap to make sure that there is a minimal amount of bacteria. Bacteria causes acne.

3 Combine all the mint leaves: Put all the mint leaves in the blender and just blend it. Put nothing else in it.

Mint Pastcooking

4 Store It Away: Store it in a plastic container and take it out when you’re going to use it.

Method 3 of 3: How To Apply The Mint Mix
1 Take The Mint Mix Out: Take it to the place where you’re going to apply it. A good place is a bedroom because you’re going to have to lay down.

2 Take Some Q-Tips: Dab the Q-Tip on the mint mix and apply it wherever you have acne.

3 Lay Down: Lay down until it dries completely. You might want to listen to music while doing this. It will take about 20 minutes.

4 Rinse It Off: Don’t take a tissue and rub it off. Instead rinse it off with cold water. You’ll notice that your acne has gone down.

5 Dry Off With A Towel: Dab the towel when drying.


6 Do This Twice A Day, Every Day: You will notice that your acne is gone near the 1-2 week you try this.

H/T: WikiHow

Use this an effective  remedy of acne, try it at home and please do like and share it with your friends and family!!!

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