The Chemical Products In Hair Dyes Cause Cancer – Use Coffee Instead

English scientists warn that chemicals in hair dyes are linked to cancer. Apparently, even 87 of 100 women who dyed their hair for a long time, have developed breast cancer.

The percentage of cases of women with ovarian cancer who dye their hair 1-4 times annually has reduced to 70%.

Therefore, it is recommended that you avoid these harmful commercial dyes and use natural alternatives instead. The effects may not be as lasting, but the hair will be less damaged and strong.

The findings of the National Institute of Cancer show that commercial hair dyes contain over 5000 different chemicals, and most of them are carcinogenic.

On the other hand, coffee is completely safe and natural product. It can provide surprising effects, and will also stimulate your hair growth. The International Magazine of Dermatology published a study in January 2007, which showed that coffee significantly boosts the hair growth.

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