The Cure For Cancer Was Found 65 Years Ago!

High contents of vitamin B17 were found to slow down cancer development and there are big chances that the disease will be completely cured.

Rumors among patients diagnosed with cancer are getting louder, claiming that the increased intake of vitamin B17 can reduce cancer and provide huge chances for complete curing.

The Cure For Cancer Was Found 65 Years Ago!

Vitamin B17 was first presented as a cure for cancer by Dr. Ernst T. Krebs in 1950. The theory that vitamin B17 cures cancer is based on the fact that, according to Krebs, cancer is a disease caused by improper vitamin and mineral intake in the organism.

A well-known fact is that people nowadays are more exposed to the risk and development of cancer compared to primitive cultures in the past. As one of the possible explanations, doctor Krebst outlines the data that ancient tribes had totally different dietary habits.

According to his data, the Hunza people consumed 250-300 mg. of vitamin B17 daily compared to only 2 mg. of this vitamin daily that the people in Europe and America consumed, mostly through processed foods. Hunza is an ancient tribe settled in the north of Pakistan, and its people live to 100 years and more. Cancer is a practically unknown disease for these people. The reason for this is that the Hunza people eat apricot kernels every day, since it is their most popular fruit and part of their everyday diet.

Dr. Krebs claimed until his death in 1996 that increasing the daily intake of vitamin B17 will completely eliminate the risk of cancer development. Now that we’ve told you the secret, make sure you eat enough apricot kernels every day because they are rich in this amazing vitamin.

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