The Disadvantages of Eating Meat

There are many physical disadvantages to eating meat. Some of these disadvantages are:
A meat-eater not only takes in the animal cells and fats, etc. but also the waste products, e.g. chemically treated food fed to the animals, drugs injected into the animal in the slaughter house, intoxicants, coloring and tenderizers sprayed on the dead animal by the market suppliers. By the way, hamburgers are made from Cow with the four D’s (Dead, Dying, Disabled, or Diseased) This is why so many children and young adults have died from eating hamburgers. It’s also the reason why hamburgers have the highest recall of E-Coli.
A parasite known for inducing miscarriage, blindness, jaundice and nervous disorders in newborn babies was found in samples of animal meat from abattoirs and markets (particularly in third world countries). An article in the German Bunte magazine, entitled ‘Karnka von Tiere’ (Diseases from Animal) pointed out the diseases that arise from consumption of meat, apart from the reckless wastage of precious land and natural resources for livestock breeding.
The article also emphasized on the benefits of meatless diet and the current trend towards vegetarianism by an increasing number of Germans and other Europeans, especially amongst the younger generation.
It is also suspected that meat-eaters are prime candidates for degenerative diseases such as high blood pressure, arthritis, gout, etc. Meat is one of the major sources of internal pollution. When an animal is slaughtered, UN-eliminated waste products remain in the tissue of the animal which often give the meat its stimulating flavor.
To preserve fish and prawns and other crustaceans, boric acid is widely used by food manufacturers. It attacks the liver and the brain, causing fits and coma before the victim dies of liver damage.

So, when you try a vegetarian diet, you will find yourself light, relaxed and spiritualized. Remember that you are what you eat. The food taken into your body is what gradually but surely forms your thought-patterns. Your thoughts both conscious and subconscious are in total control of your body’s health or lack of it. 
So keep this motto in mind…………….Choose health by choosing vegetarianism!
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