The Fastest Summer Refreshment You Should Try!

During the summer, watermelon is the best vegetable that can refresh you and give you energy. It is full of natural healthy juice and sugar that will give you energy in the long run.

Fresh watermelon juice benefits

This plant contains 92% water and is rich in vitamin A and C, red pigment and antioxidants which positively affect the heart and bones. Use watermelon in the following way.

Watermelon salad

Refresh yourself with a salad of sweet watermelon slices, tomatoes and mozzarella. Although this combination seems incompatible, you will be surprised of this mix’s natural and refreshing taste.

This salad will become your choice of hydration in hot days. Add lettuce leaves and sprinkle little basil over it.

Watermelon and strawberries shake

After a hard workout at the gym or sports in nature, allow little refreshment to yourself!

You can add cucumber or coconut milk in shake. Only one glass of this magical drink, that contains only 145 calories, will completely fill you with energy and refresh you. Add a few ice cubes and enjoy!

Source: healthyfoodstar

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